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Secrets-Are-Killing-Windows Current Summary


:point_right: :point_right: If you have a secure variable, Windows will hang.

In other words, a Travis CI encrypted environment variable in .travis.yml OR an environment variable in the Travis CI UI that doesn’t have “Display value in build log” checked, will cause a Windows job to hang.

Fix Schedule

Travis CI staff have not provided any estimate for a fix. In Oct. 2018, @josh said “we are working to address this.” Also, here. That’s the latest mention of a fix.


You can add filter_secrets: false to your .travis.yml but, according to @dominic, this risks revealing your secrets.

For example, suppose this is your .travis.yml:

    - os: windows
      language: sh
      filter_secrets: false
        - echo $super_secret_password

In the job log, you’ll see your $super_secret_password in the clear. Without filter_secrets: false, you would instead see [secure].

You can also allow failures for Windows builds and hope that at some point it will not be necessary:

    - os: windows
    - stage: test
      python: 3.7
      dist: xenial
    - stage: test
      os: windows
      language: sh
      python: 3.7

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