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Any questions about the Linux, macOS, or Windows environments go in their respective categories here.


As this is a brand-new (early-release) build environment, we are very interested to get your thoughts on how you think it should work, what tools should be installed, and anything else that will help you or your teams/communities get started. If you find something that doesn’t seem quite right - please feel free to share that as well.


Talk about various langauges and support for them here! Certain languages will have dedicated subcategories (based on need), so take a look there.

Product Discussions & Feedback

Build configuration features, build environments, integrations, notifications, API, cli, and every thing else you use or would like to use in Travis CI

Early Releases

Features that are under very active development, and likely to change frequently. Welcome to the Travis CI Labs


Discussions about Travis CI for on-premises installation. Read up docs and Enterprise Info Card to learn more, and signup for a trial any time!