Windows job stopped because of sudden no output

Hi! I’m trying to add Windows to our test targets for the Amethyst game engine but we’re currently encountering a strange issue where the output suddenly just stops coming through, getting cut off strangely in the middle of a line. That in turns causes the build to time out because of no output. Here’s the build log and the config used for the build. I think this is a bug although I’m not completely sure.


Hi @ellie

Thanks for opening up this discussion, and I’m sorry for the issues.

I think this might be related to

As noted here: Current known issues — Please read this before posting a new topic, secure env vars can cause issues for builds.

Hi @josh
Thank you so much for your answer! Those environment variables were old and unused at this point. Getting rid of them made the build finish flawlessly.

Fantastic to hear!

Happy building!