Ruby Support on Windows


Hi :wave:
Thank you very much for bringing Windows support to Travis CI.
I hope Travis adds support for the popular cross-platform language Ruby, as soon as possible.

Even though ruby has been listed under the packages at, the build currently fails with following message:

The language 'ruby' is currently unsupported on the Windows Build Environment.


Hello, there.

Indeed, Ruby 2.5.x is pre-installed via Chocolatey.

The issue here is that, with language: ruby, we compile a script to execute the job, but the script will require some additional tooling that is not yet available on the Windows image yet. We will work on that soon.


@BanzaiMan is it possible to add a Windows build using the preinstalled Ruby to an existing language: ruby Travis configuration? How would I need to adapt?


How can I avoid this? If I don’t specify any lang, it still seems to tell me that error.

Update: I set language: generic but now the build just sits there forever, at least it seems like it might work now?