Current known issues — Please read this before posting a new topic


Here are some issues that we know about, beyond language support.

VM fails to come up if you have secrets

This happens whether they are in Settings, or encrypted in .travis.yml.

Caching is not yet supported

This is now working in production on both .com and .org.

Debug mode is not supported

NVS version names are different from those of NVM

As a result, some names in nvm do not work on Windows, and names on nvs do not work on Linux and macOS.

Compare nvm names (via nvm install) and nvs names (via nvs add).

Deployment is not yet supported

Deployment can now be initiated.

Individual deployment provider may still fail. If you are inclined, take a look at and send a PR (or two, or three) to make your favorite deployment provider Windows-compatible.

Python support on Windows
Windows Early Release
Windows job stopped because of sudden no output
Command 'npm i -g npm@latest' fails
Windows VM not booting
Perl support on Windows
Travis hangs after worker information

Is there any chance to understand when problem with vm startup with secrets to be fixed?
Thank you in advance!


Would love to know the current status of the secrets issue too


Have a funny feeling that Windows Defender play a role in yarn/npm install being really slow. Is it enabled? and if so, is yarn and npm cache added to the exclusion list?


Without secret keys, how would I deploy stuff to AWS S3 without announcing my secret id and key to the world?


Secrets env keys are a huge blocker for us as well. :frowning:


Is there a way to run without the secret only for the Windows build? I have a code coverage token in my environment, but I only need that for a Linux build anyway.


Any eta for the secrets issue? It will help a lot to understand when to plan work to dedicate to Travis