Windows cmake build fails with no log error

I am trying a Windows build in Travis. The cmake configuration step works perfectly well (even building projects via ExternalProject_Add). However, it fails right after that when I call cmake --build . (or any variation of it like cmake --build path/to/source or cmake --build . --config Debug etc.) without leaving an error message. I tried to add intermediary steps such as ls and cmake --help to get more output, but I still cannot understand what’s happening.

In brief, cmake --build . stops the build, resulting in a Travis failure, without logging anything.

The build is here:
This is the log (you won’t see an error message at the end, but the job failed):

How can I get more insights of what’s happening?

@JonasVautherin This is most probably caused by your encrypted environment variable i.e. GH_TOKEN. Indeed, encrypted environment variables aren’t supported right now. See Current known issues — Please read this before posting a new topic.

Oh, somehow I had missed that. I was actually looking for an error related to CMake :sweat_smile:.

I can wait for the issue to get fixed, I was mainly testing out of curiosity.

Thanks for the quick help!

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