Choco install hangs forever


Thanks for the windows support!
I’m hitting a wall with a chocolatey install in this build:

Hmmmm, this is interesting because the job fails but with no extra information.

Could you try creating a branch which only does a Windows job and moving the choco install into the .travis.yml to see if anything more is displayed?

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Getting the same issue

I just set up a minimum example:
Nothing happens for about 3 minutes and then it fails all of a sudden (apart from the worker information display).

I reduced the .travis.yml file to the minimum version:

sudo: required
language: go
- '1.11'
 - windows
install: true
- choco install kubernetes-cli
- make -v

Restarted the job, exact same result:

  • nothing for 3min8s (apart from the worker info)
  • then reaches the choco install step and stops at 3min18s

Are you using any secure environment variables in your build? There is a known issue where this can block the streaming output. We are working to address this, but in the mean time can you try removing the secure env vars and see if this helps?

Sadly I cannot do that as these vars are required by the stable branches as well and would impact my teammate’s work.

Could you do this in a branch just for debugging?

I thought the security envvars were set via Travis UI and that they affected the whole repository. Is there another way of setting them?

Does choco need a -y to continue?

Same thing with -y:

@fbiville ah yes, you are right, secure env vars from settings!

I will see if I can test for this issue over the next couple of days.

Otherwise, if you have time, you could create a dummy open source project for testing.

Sorry for the delay, I’m at GitHub Universe this week.

I can confirm that this is a manifestation of the secrets issue: has no secrets and runs to completion. (If this URL does not work, please try going to and clicking on “Build #1”.)

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Trying to set up the Windows build for rust-clippy, we managed to get the Pull Request builds to pass.
However, when we are using bors to approve the PR, the windows build fails without any errors when running choco install windows-sdk-10.0 -yv.
The same command is executed in a PR build without problems. This only seems to happen on the staging and trying branches.

Failing build log on trying branch:
Successful build log from the PR:

We do use secrets in our Travis CI config, so this may be related. Is there anything we can do to work around this issue?

I’m having the same issue with choco install python3 command seemingly hanging forever until the build finishes with a failure, but no error message is printed.
If I comment out my secure variable (which i use to upload package to PyPI using twine), then it works.

However, I can’t do without my secure variable.

(BTW, thanks for adding Windows support to Travis!)

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@josh Sorry for the ping, are there any news regarding a potential fix or workaround when using environment secrets?

@phansch Depending on the use case, it may be possible to separate the secure vars from choco install using matrix.

+1 for a better way to do this though

Hi @josh, is there any update on this issue? Had assumed this was now fixed since we are seeing choco install consistently work fine in a Windows job we recently added on (e.g. but, in an almost identical Windows job set up on, the choco install repeatedly hangs as previously reported.

Why would choco install work on but hang on

Hi @josh, is there any news on when choco install will work?

I’m also affected by this issue here:

Using an encrypted private key.

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