Travis UI does not link a build to correct commit on GitHub PR

Following the DB update on the 21st, travis does not properly link builds to commits on an existing PR.
The builds actually happen and the resulting coverage is properly handled and linked by coverall but the build result on travis is not properly linked back to github.
See for instance this build which corresponds to commit 0497898 but is marked on travis as corresponding to fd1f328.
The .travis.yml can be checked to make sure that the commits (do not) correspond.

Are you sure this is new behavior?

This is a PR build, so we test the merge commit, which is the merge of and, which seems correct to me.

Maybe the link in the UI is not new, I never really checked before, but if you check the PR on GitHub, you will see that the result of the build is no longer linked to the individual commits; this is definitely new and undesired behavior.

Old (desired) behavior was that each individual commit would have a small icon on the right, either a green V telling that the build passed, or a red X telling that it failed, and a yellow dot while the build was running.
Currently, only the results of the coverage are displayed and not the fact that the build failed or passed.
Actually, no build information is linked to the PR at all…

Potentially linked to this bug report?

EDIT: to clarify, maybe the original post was unclear, but the main issue is that the result of the build is not properly linked back to GitHub
(I originally thought that this was due to the “wrong” commit number, but even if the commit number is normal, the linking issue remains)

EDIT2: issue remains with newly created PR vs travis build, build status is not visible from GitHub

I ended up doing a “hard reset”: revocking all authorizations from GitHub to Travis, then adding them again:

GitHub > Settings > Applications > Authorized OAuth Apps

revoke Travis CI for Open Source.

Go to your Travis dashboard, log out, login again with GitHub and reauthorize.