No commit CI passes report on GitHub

I’ve just pushed few commits and there are no indication that build failed on GitHub

Commit “fix parsing scientific big num notation” failed on travis but the check mark looks like it’s passed, there is status only from coveralls.

And I don’t see any travis passed check marks on commits recently. What’s happened? How can I bring it back?

It’s seems that it happen on 21 Mar commit on my other repo

where License Compliance appeared.

For the GitHub user jcubic

I hope this helps, thanks.

Thanks, will try.

All my old commits now have travis listed, thanks.

@mustafa how often do I need to do that in order to make it work? I don’t have Travis in commits again.

@jcubic I’ve been having to do it at least once or twice a week for my Travis-enabled project.

It’s getting really frustrating to merge a PR and not see the build status confirmed in the commit list, or having someone submit/update a PR but the status will be blank until I come along later that day (or the next) and kick Travis in the pants so it can report the checks.

@mustafa You wrote to me some time ago in an email that you were working with GitHub to fix this kind of thing. Has there been any progress on it?