Travis build no longer started for new commits

I have configured a github integration for an open source project for travis which was working flawless in the past, with the latest run 6 days ago.

For new commits today, no new builds are triggered on Travis. I can manually re-run old builds on the travis web interface (that is why #435 run just now), but not builds for newer commits.

Any idea why this is no longer working?

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I have the same problem just today, this morning I was just doing fine, pushing new code and seeing new build until this afternoon, my new push no long trigger new build in Travis. I have search a lot about suspension and unsuspension but that didn’t work.
I even create new repository with same code and using different github account then link with Travis-CI, that didn’t work either.

Just now everything returned to be running normally again. :+1:

@dl9rdz As you can see in Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence (More options → Requests), builds are not created for your gh-pages branch because there’s no .travis.yml there.