Build stuck on pending on GitHub despite being finished in Travis, new builds not marked in GitHub at all

I have a problem with GitHub and Travis integration in my open source repository: libktx/ktx.

As you can see on the develop branch, the last commit with a registered Travis build was on March 26 (a33a8cd) and seems to be stuck on pending:

However, the build was finished and successful as reported in Travis UI. This by itself wouldn’t be as bad, but all subsequent builds are not registered in GitHub at all, even though they were correctly triggered. You just have to go directly to Travis to see their status, which is not ideal. There also seems to be no Travis build information in pull requests.

While I could live with some commits (since March 26 till today) without attached build information, I’d like my future commits to work correctly and point to the associated Travis builds.

Is there a way I can reset this - ideally without losing historical data - to make sure that new pull requests, commits, etc. correctly point to their Travis builds?

Just a follow-up - is it safe to add and remove Travis integration from a repository? Will I lose all builds data?

I tested adding and removing Travis integration on another repository - can confirm it preserves builds data linked to past commits/PRs and fixes this particular issue. I think this is still worth looking into and submitting a bug report.

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