Recommendations for an alternative CI service for updating a website

I just discovered the massive problems with Travis-CI after experiencing massive problems with our website. It took a bit of detective work, but I finally pinpointed the reason for the 4+ hour delays in pushing updates to our website.

In any event, the December 31st deadline is looming, and we’re scrambling to find an alternative CI service. We use Github for our builds and AWS-S3 to host our static site. We would very much appreciate recommendations for a stable and relatively easy to use CI service or something entirely different for updating our website?

We cannot stay with Travis-CI given the huge time delays we’ve experienced and lack of support. Thank you for any help or advice.

There was an announcement sometime in December regarding limited free credits for OSS projects and that the will be shutdown by 31st of December. Did you try GitLab CI? I’m considering it for some of my projects.

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Thank you for the suggestion, joesan! We haven’t tied anything yet. This hit us out of nowhere, and we’re exploring alternatives. I’ve seen others suggest GitLab CI and Github Actions – looking into both at the moment.

It hit me as well as I did not realize until my build ran slowly or took hours to get completed. This got me over to the community here where I learnt it the hard way about the 31st of December deadline! Very unfortunate for OSS!

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