GitHub integrations fails for my project: all builds are cancelled

I have been a happy user of Travis CI, the open source version. Great stuff for open source projects! But since today afternoon, my integration pipeline with GitHub and Travis CI seems not to be working.

Any idea what the issue might be?

Most probably,

In, I also see “could not parse” errors.

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Cool! Good to know that my yaml file has errors. I installed a local linter that could check for this as soon as I make any changes to my .travis.yml file.

Ok I understand that it is because of the migration that my jobs are running very slow or rather is not schedules immeidately as it was all these months. Hope it gets better after the migration.

Thanks for the support and thanks for the Open Source support!

I tried to configure one of my other projects with the and I get the error message:

“Could not authorize build request”

I then looked up the documentation for known errors -

It says that I might have ran out of free trials. Is this the case? I thought free projects are free whatsoever. Please help!

Sad to see that there will be limits applied for OSS. I have been a happy user of Travis for my OSS projects and I’m very depressed and sad to know that this won’t continue. However, I would like to thank for all the free services that I have been enjoying using Travis CI all these years!

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I can see that I have the 10000 free credits, but I do not understand why I cannot use them for my projects. Any idea why is it so? My project takes roughly 6 minutes to build and that would mean that I have about 120 to 150 builds roughly with the free credits. It is not bad to start with. So could you please let me know how I could redeem my free credits at I would be thankful for any support!

Migrate your projects to . Then you will be able to use the credits.