Question(open-source): Travis CI for open source projects as of August 2022

1. Questions

  1. What conditions does Travis CI offer for open source projects in 2022? Is it possible to use Travis CI for free for open source repositories in 2022?
  2. In several places, including in this community, I read about free credits Travis CI for open source projects. Is it still possible to get these credits in August 2022?

2. Spending credit minutes

The other day, I saw the message in my Travis account:

Builds have been temporarily disabled for public repositories due to a negative credit balance. Please go to the Plan page to replenish your credit balance or alter your Consume paid credits for OSS setting.

(I spent most of these minutes testing Travis features or running Travis in vain, testing other CI. Ohh :worried:)

As far as I understand 10000 credits — these are free credits for the all duration of use, not monthly credits.

Can I now use Travis for free for open source projects anyway?

3. Open source subscription

In some places I read about Travis “Open Source Subscription”:

We offer an Open Source Subscription for free to all non-commercial open-source projects. To qualify for an Open Source Subscription, the project must meet the following requirements:

+ You are a project lead or regular committer (latest commit in the last month)
+ Project must be at least 3 months old and is in active development (with regular commits and activity)
+ Project meets the OSD specification
+ Project must not be sponsored by a commercial company or organization (monetary or with employees paid to work on the project)
+ Project can not provide commercial services or distribute paid versions of the software

My project meets these requirements.

Is Open Source Subscription up to date for August 2022?