Travis CI Support not responding?

What is the experience with the Travis CI support team?

A colleague and I are trying to get in contact to clarify the OSS status for but we do not get any response.

To sort it out and also get better debugging support I got my employer to sponsor a yearly license where I have some trouble since it is booked on my personal account and not on the open source account - so it needs to be transferred.

Unfortunately the support team simply does not respond.

I wonder if this is a one-off or a regular occurrence.

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I’ve been waiting three months for a reply about OSS status for my org. Complete silence from Travis staff.

Also note that has had this exact banner since January:

Please be aware will be shutting down in several weeks, with all accounts migrating to Please stay tuned here for more information.

They must be severely understaffed, or something. Acquisition has not treated them well, perhaps.


Same. No replies from then since January. Safe to consider Travis CI to be dead as a doornail

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Same here. I transitioned our OSS org to .com which worked somewhat ok, but couldn’t restart jobs. After a query somewhere in March, I received a very fast/helpful reaction to select the Free plan, which resolved that. However, then we ran out of credits in 3 days. I’ve asked for help, applied for OSS credits. No reply whatsoever since 24 March.

Sad to hear. Switching to GitHub Actions then.

FWIW I finally got a response today (April 15) to my inquiry from December 26 last year.

If this is how long it’s going to take renewing the credits they grant for open source projects, I should send another request now before I’ve even migrated over to .com (and might still run out of credits before support replies).


Omg, And I thought I’m on a blacklist, apparently not :confused: Now I have 10 months on a ticket still waiting for a FIRST reply.