Extremely poor official communication of the .org shutdown

Oh wow this is very unfortunate.

  1. I had no idea the deadline for migrating was Dec 31 this year, until browsing these forums trying to find out why our builds are getting delayed for inordinate amounts of time.

  2. I can’t migrate to travis-ci.com at this time, because the required repo permissions are greater than my company will allow us to grant.

With this major performance issue, it looks like we need to find something else ASAP, not just by Dec 31 (which I didn’t know about anyway).

Hope your day is going better than mine.


This seems like the sort of change that all of us should have gotten emails about—both the reduction in resources allocated to .org and the approaching deadline when .org will become read-only and stop processing builds entirely. Sounds like some users did, but I had no idea there was a deadline until I came to the forums last week looking for info on why my project’s builds suddenly took several hours.

I’d also really like to avoid migrating until Will builds' logs be migrated upon .org -> .com migration? is resolved. Do build logs transfer now, or “only” the history? As of last week, I was still seeing reports that migrated projects showed errors instead of build logs.


As a co-maintainer of a number of FOSS projects, I am also concerned by this situation and lack of proper communications about the pending removal of .ORG service, which I discovered now by looking for reason of prolonged CI build lags.

Seeing how several last posts here are from users discussing the possible implications and constraints (e.g. how many credits would be available to FOSS projects, monthly or total or expiring in a year, or if nothing would change) linking to contradictory sources on The Net, I think it would be beneficial for Travis team members to clarify this reliably. For example, projects I am involved in have quite a bit of collaboration but over the past decades AFAIK no (or nearly no) collective money was involved, and no legal body or foundation behind those communities, often with maintainers covering stuff like the occasional DNS registration from their pocket. A monthly $60 would be a noticeable change from yearly $10 or so.

Another sort of question that I think was not raised above, is whether people working on single-person FOSS projects hosted in their own account can have same benefits (whatever those might be) as GitHub organizations dedicated to a project?

Are contributors’ forks of FOSS projects covered, and how - individually (who pays or what quota?) or by upstream allowance (a way to DoS a project if there is a quota)? I saw it in a number of communities that people fork the upstream github project, iterate the source changes in a branch - built time and again in their free Travis CI account - and then propose a PR with tested changes. So as far as the upstream project is concerned, it might have only had one build accounted, while the development could have cost dozens of builds to the developer. Speaking of a DoS concern mentioned above, a malicious actor might as well open PRs and bomb them with build requests…


@Montana Could at least an official announcement be published at the forum that would act as the central point of reference for the process? It would reiterate the key bullet points and link to the blog post, the documentation, the common observed problems, stress the need to migrate to .com (if I understood correctly, you are NOT migrating projects automatically, users need to do this themselves) and caveats associated with this process.

It would also really help to then broadcast the link to that post via the Web UI. I really have no idea why you are not using it. If there’s some technical problem or something, perhaps I can help?

I guess better late than never, you will at least somewhat save face! Being so sneaky and secretive about a major breaking change of both technical setup and TOS gives you REALLY bad publicity!


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Hi buddies,

At this stage, I must say that there’s two annoying things in my opinion :

Still really free for open source ?

First of all, there’s no clear communication about the real legacy of the travis-ci.org motto (still on the homepage) :

Testing your open source
projects will always be free!

Seriously. Always. We like to think of it as our way of giving
back to a community that connects so many people.

In this thread, a user complains that all its free plan credits are gone and no replenishment.

As Jeff Geerling plotted, it seems that all have been said. There’s a dark way to obtain some OSS credits that can be replenished monthly and no more.

Personnally, I added a single (new) package for testing and it was builded fine BEFORE choosing a plan. Then, I registered on free plan and was granted with the 10000 bucks. I relaunched a build to see and, TADAM !, 30 credits gone. Damn, I was better not choosing a plan :crazy_face:

Migration still in beta

Okay, what about migration ? I’ve tried to check and see that I have to subscribe to beta in order to migrate ùy repos even if we’re only 1.5 months from .org closing deadline !


I can’t understand why we’ve received a message pushing for migration asap if things are still so unclear. Better wait and see :roll_eyes: for further explanations before spending some time to migrate to another platform if open source is not unlimited anymore on Travis and migration still in beta.

I suppose they have little incentive to promote the one-time-use migration tool out of beta at this late stage, as it will be going away with the old system.

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Travis CI is definitely no longer free for FOSS, whatever they state. And that’s ok by the way, it’s a company and no one can tell them what they should give away for free.
The real problem here is communication: a change from free to trial must be announced in advance, to give time to take countermeasures: either pay and remain, or make a plan to move away.

FOSS developers just discovered their build to be stuck on .org, and then their build to be forever disabled on .com.

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