PR status doesn't arrive; Travis partially forgets who I am

I know there’s a known issue about this kind of problem, but the described workaround doesn’t seem to apply.

Twice this week, CI statuses have gotten stuck on “Expected” for PRs such as On, there is an accompanying symptom where the site “forgets” that I’m a member of any organizations, and gets stuck forever if I try to sync from GitHub. This also means that I lose access to the repo’s CI settings and “Restart job” buttons until the checks start working again, at which point restarting any job on a build that failed to report its status fixes the missing badge on GitHub.

The first recent occurrence fixed itself within a day or so. The second occurrence is still happening. A similar problem happened some time ago, and also fixed itself, so I didn’t bother to report it. But since I’ve seen the same thing happen 3-4 times now… a thread seemed like a good idea.

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For the user Exirel

I’d like to mention that often it’s enough to just sign out and back in on Travis CI, without removing the authorized app from GitHub settings.

Here’s hoping Travis staff are still working on this. It’s happening more and more often.