Travis does not recognize my organization memberships anymore

Travis settings tells me that I’m not a member of any organization:


  • You are not currently a member of any organization.

However, I am. When I follow the link “Review and add your authorized organizations.”, GitHub shows me my teams (e.g. this one).

As a consequence, I cannot control (e.g. restart) related Travis jobs anymore, e.g. this one, for this repo.

I noticed that a few days ago, and just checked again today, and this is still the case.
It has worked though for a long time (multiple years) before. I did not change anything.

It’s maybe similar to this report. As I understand from there, there are no solutions yet? So what can I do? I need to have that access.

This is still a problem for me. Can I get any help?

Should I maybe revoke the Travis access to GitHub, and then create a new access token?

When I try to do that, I’m wondering a bit about this:

Travis CI for Open Source will no longer be able to access the GitHub API. You cannot undo this action.

I cannot undo this action? It’s not possible that Travis gets access again to the GitHub API? Why?