Missing organizations periodically

Hello there,
from time to time all organizations that my user has access to completely gone from travis interface and therefore repositories in these organizations can not be activated.
From github interface, I see that I granted access for travis to operate these organizations and most of the time everything is fine. However, this bug is super annoying when it happens because basically there is no workaround and the only thing I can do - just wait until something got reset in your system, organizations come back and I can activate repository.

Is there a way to solve this bug from my (user side) or could you please investigate what’s is going on from your side?

Same here. Very frustrating.

Happened a few weeks ago, reset itself – that was around the time of GitHub outage so the thought was it may have been related.

But happening again now, and for maybe four or five days. Double and tripe checked orgs: GitHub clearly shows me as a member. I can get to the CI logs manually but that is very very tedious.

Can we please get the org builds back with the personal builds?

Dirk aka @eddelbuettel on GitHub and here.

Hey @eddelbuettel,

It seems like we can’t validate your GH token for travis-ci.org. Could you please follow the steps below?

Thanks so much – that did the trick!


I have the same problem: quite some time ago it was possible to set up my travis profile to list a particular organization. I’m not using it heavily so I can’t say when access to that orga was lost (noticed it this week).
And since then I’m no longer able to get this organization in travis.

I’ve tried the recipe multiple times

What puzzles me: in step 3 I see my three organizations but the one in question already has a red cross icon while the other two have a green check mark icon.

For the two orgas where access works I’m either owner or member. For the organization that is not working I’m a member and the group membership is set to “public”. Which according to the docs should be sufficient.

I don’t know what to do to get the third organization into travis, any hints welcome.

Edit: never mind, the problem was in the organization’s settings. It had both “Travis CI for Open Source” and “Travis CI” as oauth apps and they were not configured consistently.