Can't find Travis build settings

I’ve a github company repository which was set up by a former employee. I’m an admin on the GitHub organization the repo belongs to, but I can’t find (anymore, because I remember seeing it a few weeks ago) the repository settings. There’s a couple of env variables that were set up by the former employee which I need to verify (and possibly change) but I can’t seem to find them anymore.
I’ve clicked the “sync with github” in my profile and it’s taking quite some time (20+ mins).
Panel says “you’re not currently a member of any organization” and is showing only my personal public repo, while I can still see the list of public repos for the GitHub organization.
If I click on a repo which is not set up for travis, I get an "You don’t have sufficient rights to enable this repo on Travis. Please contact the admin to enable it or to receive admin rights yourself. "

Any help would be appreciated.