OSS only credits request processing time estimate?

What is the estimated turnaround time for hearing a response on a request to support for OSS only credits?

Travis CI has been one of our top choices for OSS project CI, but with the recent billing change a number of our CI builds haven’t been running for the past 2 days, which is a bit of a problem. Hope to get a time estimate soon, it would be a pain to start migrating builds to another service only to get the request approved in a day or two – or the other side being the request takes a month and we go the entire time without CI tests.


I submitted a request 6 days ago (Friday at 02:00 Eastern US time), and the support ticket has yet to receive any response at all beyond the automated acknowledgement email that sent me the request #. So, beware of possible long delays.

I’m very sympathetic to their desires to curtail abuse of their service, and I’m sure they’re swamped right now handling all of the requests, but it feels like better preparations could’ve been made for this. (The people I really pity are their customer reps, who are presumably buried somewhere under this avalanche.)

“Send us a request if you need OSS credits” never really seemed like a workable approach to managing open-source access. I can’t fathom how they could have the resources to deal with the request volume on a case-by-case basis, so it seems weird that they apparently expected they could.

(Plus it just doesn’t make sense to me, as an approach. One of the major purposes of CI, after all, is to it fully automate build/test runs and remove human bottlenecks from the process, so to then go, “So, yeah, just contact our reps and request credits to keep that going, we’ll get back to you” just feels like a contradiction in terms.)

Anyway, hoping they do indeed get back to us soon. We’re getting close to the last 1000 of our 10,000 build minutes.


They did not. Still no response. Now we’ve run out of build credits and our builds have been disabled.

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It’s taking weeks.

My experience so far (and skipping a few messages):

2020-11-02 New pricing model released with no warning

2020-11-02 I emailed to ask how to switch to the open-source plan

2020-11-02 Travis replied saying to choose a paid plan or contact them “to be considered for our Open Source Plan that is in the works”

2020-11-02 I emailed to ask for 50k minutes

2020-11-04 I emailed to ask when we can expect the “Open Source Plan” to be ready as I’d already used 32% of trial credits in 2 days

2020-11-12 Travis replied and set out the 5 requirements for the “Open Source Subscription”

2020-11-12 I asked to apply for credits for one of my projects (in its own GitHub organisation)

2020-11-16 I emailed to say I was out of credits and could no longer test any open source, and asked for credits my own account, and listed 6 projects under my own account to apply with

2020-11-21 Travis replied and apologised “for the delay here as we’ve had a higher than average backlog”, and the request for my own account “is waiting for managerial approval”

2020-12-01 After 16 days with a disabled account, Travis replied: “We are awaiting further approval for your account and will promptly apply credits as directed to your account. In the meantime, however, we have added 50,000 credits to your account to enable you continue using the service.”

2020-12-02 I sent a new email asking for credits for another project (in its own org), no reply yet

(edit: fix last 2 dates)

I assume those last two entries are meant to be dated 2020-12-01 & 2020-12-02.

That’s discouraging. I certainly hope I can find the time in the next three weeks to build non-Travis CI pipelines for my stuff, because there’s no way I could put my contributors through that kind of wait before we can resume processing PRs. We’ll stay on .org until the very bitter end unless .com drastically improves in terms of how it handles open source.

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OSS credits are on hold indefinitely looks like.

Travis Support seems to be hiding under their desks – I’m not getting any response at all on any support request for over a month now. I can heartily recommend simply starting to port to GH actions – I’ve done a few projects and it looks like they did more than glance to the Travis config – wasn’t as hard as I had expected. And it doesn’t seem realistic that Travis will just suddenly rebound and fix the backlog of requests.

To whom it may concern, a small helper for migrations - at least it helped me: https://github.com/marketplace/actions/run-travis-yml I’ve left a longer comment on how it worked for me in the other related thread: Open source plans


In case of the Ruby project, the Travis support replied to us within less than 2 hours with adding the OSS credits.

@junaruga I hope they’d prioritize a request from any of the top 20 programming languages. Most of us aren’t running such big-name projects, though. :upside_down_face:

I hope that Travis made improvements for their platform of the open source request for all the projects. :slight_smile:

Here is the message from Travis support I got.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused due to delays in processing your open-source credit request while we made improvements to the platform.