Intending to use Travis for a FOSS project? - Forget it!

The front page of the site includes:

And there is the following announcement here:

However - they are now lying through their teeth - they do not want anything to do with projects that do not give them money.

For examples, see:

They seem to offer some free credits - but those are not replenishable and since it does not seem to be possible to make contact with a human at Travis to arrange “OSS Credits” once they run out your FOSS project will be screwed.

For several years Travis had been the go to platform for CI for a multi-plaform FOSS project - but since Idera stepped it it seems that they are just squeezing Travis’s assets (and the paying commercial customers) until there will just be an empty husk left…

A FOSS project coder that has now switched from Travis to a workable platform.

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