Migrating from travis-ci.org to .com not possible for repo in other organization


I am in the process of migrating open source projects from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com. I cannot migrate a repo from a GitHub organization.

In my legacy travis-ci.org, I had the following:

  • On GitHub, I have several repos in my account plus two organizations I own, tsduck and qtlmovie.
  • I authorized Travis-CI access to “selected repositories” (not all repositories).
  • Access was granted to Travis CI on two repos: one in my account (a simple travis-test repo) and one in a separate organization (tsduck/tsduck).
  • Access was granted to organization tsduck but not to organization qtlmovie.

When I performed the migration, only the repo in my account was migrated. The second repo from the tsduck organization was not migrated.

In the Travis-CA settings for repositories, we have “Missing an Organization? Review and add your authorized organizations.” This brings me to a GitHub settings page for Travis CI. There, under the “Organization access” part, I have my two organizations, qtlmovie and tsduck. The “Grant” button is available only for the qtlmovie organization (which was never authozized for Travis-CI). The tsduck organization has no button (no “Grant”, not even a “Revoke”).

In the GitHub settings Application / Travis-CO / Configure, “Only select repositories” is checked. In the “Select repositories” combo, only the local repos are proposed, no repo from the tsduck organization.

According to Beta migration to travis-ci.com: Repo list incorrect, a similar issue was reported. The solution mentioned “Ok so the problem was that this belonged to a different organisation, and that I had to execute the 2nd part of the migration, namely to go to the Migrate tab on travis-ci.com and to select the repository there.” Doing the same thing, I just get a button “Activate all repositories using GitHub Apps” which brings me again to the usual GitHub settings. Back at the beginning.

I also tried to give Travis-CI access to all repositories. This does not change anything.

Even stranger: I give Travis-CI access to my second organization (qtlmovie) and now I can see it under travis-ci.com. But my first organization (tsduck), which was alread authorized on travis-ci.org, cannot be seen on travis-ci.com.

How would you migrate a repo from an organization? What did I miss?

There’s a button or something somewhere that completes a second step to the migration process. It’s a while ago I forgot the specifics

I forgot the specifics

That is exactly the point, the devil is in the details. I went through this second step, the “Migrate” tab, without luck.