'Migration is not available for this account'

The repositories under my account at GitHub are all flagged as grey under the ‘Migrate’ option with a hover text of ‘Migration is now availble for this account’. When I first looked into the .org to .com migration I (mis)took this as a possibly temporary glitch but this is still the case.

How do I get my (several dozen) repos from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com? Is there really no ‘bulk’ or scripted option? I have found Travis CI to be a really useful tool and would prefer to use. Right it appears as if I would have to migrate each repo individually. Have I overlooked something, or is that really the sole option here?

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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Ah. That could well be it – I had thought this would not apply as I already had an account at the .com site. Lesson learned – thanks for the hint.

I was following the guide at https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/migrate/open-source-repository-migration#migrating-a-repository and could not see any option to migrate my repos building on travis-ci.org as described in the guide. After following other forum suggestions, logging out and in, clearing cookies, using other browsers etc. I finally saw my repos in a “migrate” tab, but with this message “Migration is not available for this account”. Fortunately due to the above comment, after over one hour of searching, reading, and experimenting it finally became clear that I have to click “Sign up for the beta” before I can take any of the other steps. The migration guides are about two years old and migration is now essential to avoid slow builds, so it’s not obvious that migration and building open source on travis-ci.com is still considered a beta feature. The guide does have text near the beginning saying to sign up “If you’d like to become a beta tester” but at this point most people making the migration do not sense that their beta testing something. They are just switching to what is perceived as the “main” stable service.

I know a few people who started experiencing slow builds on .org and wanted to migrate to travis-ci.com, or who have been advised to migrate by colleagues, but were confused and just gave up or migrated to other build systems. Please consider changing the text “You can now have all your public and private repositories together at travis-ci.com / Sign up for the beta” to something like “Enable migration from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com”, and changing the text “Migration is not available for this account” to something like “please enable migration on your travis-ci.org profile page”.

I (strongly) second that. It is less obvious than it should be, and you risk loosing users / potential customers.