Migrating from repos in GitHub Organisation


I’ve got a couple of repos that are currently on travis.org that I want to migrate. The problem is that both repos are in the GitHub Organisation for my employer and the migrate tab shows that migration is not available for this account. My guess is that one of the GitHub Org owners needs to open a Travis account and move them, but is there any other way to move these over?

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It seems like you still haven’t signed up for a beta feature for your organization ImperialCollegeLondon. Please visit the Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence page and click on the “Sign up for a Beta” option. This will enable the repositories to pick on the same migration page.


Hi @mustafa - I thought that seemed likely. The issue though is that only admin members of the organisation can sign up for the beta. I’ve asked our org to do that - will that then give all members of the organisation the ability to migrate?

Hey @davidorme,

Migrating the repository will still require admin permission within your GitHub organization. So if you won’t have admin permission, you will need to ask one of the admins to migrate the repository as well.


Hi @mustafa,

Thanks for that update. I’ll pass that on. I guess you’re hamstrung by GitHub permissions, but if not it is a bit cumbersome that a repo administrator cannot migrate a repo but requires the org administrator to do so on their behalf. I realise this is a one-off migration, but this feels like like something I should be able to do.