Cannot migrate repository

I am trying to migrate one of the repository from .org -> .com:

One, I see the following:

When I press “Migrate” button, the text on the button changes to “Migrating” and that’s it. I have migrate repositories in the past successfully, so I have an idea on how this works.

I have tried multiple times and every time its stuck:


Following are a few notes about this repository:

  1. It had the deprecated webhooks for both .com and .org. However, we were using .org since we weren’t able to get few things right on .com. Therefore, you can see a few builds in .com.
  2. I removed webhooks for both .com and .org. Installed Github App for Travis and then ran the migration. Since it didn’t complete, I have re-installed the webhook for .org for the time being.
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Hey @abhinayagarwal,

Have you tried the migration again? If so, and you’re still running into issues be sure to post back.

Hey @Montana,

Tried again now. Unfortunately, I am still facing the same issue.

Same here. Single repo migration or bulk returns a 500 response from the API: POST 500

  "@type": "error",
  "error_type": "error",
  "error_message": "There was a problem with migrating a repository. Please contact Travis CI support for more information"

Accidently merged a failing PR as checks weren’t showing up, so went and migrated all of my remaining repos still on the legacy .org and now stuck unable to migrate and unable to see status checks on GitHub.

Also stuck here:

Hit Migrate and it changes to Migrating…, but then nothing happens.


Same problem for:


but not:

  • same 500 response error

Adding my voice here. The /migrate endpoint for my repo is returning a 500 error as well as seen in Chrome Devtools Network tab. The site fails silently and shows no error.

Hi @montana,

Is it possible to request someone from Travis to manually do the migration? Currently, Travis isn’t running on any of the Pull Requests :worried:.

Our release is also handled by Travis and we are stuck because of this issue.


Same issue with The page returns back to its initial stage after a few minutes.

Migrating from the settings page does not appear to be working either, when I hit ‘migrate’ in the pop-up, the pop-up closes and nothing happens. When I navigate to it does not show it is doing a migration.

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Hi, I’m expereiencing the same issue with and

I have also tried manually triggering a build, but I got an error message “Oh no! Oops, something went wrong, please try again.”

Also experiencing the same problem: 500 error when I try to migrate a repo from .org to .com.

me too.

I’m experiencing the same issue with

same issue here:

Today, this issue is fixed. Now I can migrate my repo.


I can confirm that the issue is resolved for me. Migration successful. Hurray!