GitHub repository moved but Travis CI didn't?


A few months ago I moved a GitHub repository from to

Everything seems to have been redirected from the old to the new repo location, except for the Travis CI integration: Travis shows a “cannot display” page for and still shows the correct results at

How can I fix this?


Hmmm. The organization elasticluster is not recognized. Has anyone from that organization set up Travis CI?

Not sure what you mean… The org contains a single repository, which is the one that has been moved. I don’t recall having to set up anything at the org level to get Travis CI to run on the repo when it was in the gc3-uzh-ch org (but it was long time ago, maybe things have changed in the meanwhile?)

From what I can see at

it’s impossible for a 3rd-party service, including Travis, to know when a repository is moved because there’s no notification for that.

Neither is it possible to automatically set up integration at the repo’s new location because Travis needs a brand new permission grant for the new organization to be able to do anything on its behalf.

So, set up the integration anew as per below.
It’s possible that this won’t be needed if Github was smart enough to update webhooks appropriately when moving – then you will see that the integration is already enabled after registering at Travis with the new organization. (Still, it won’t hurt to reset everything just in case.)

Thank you all for the suggestions!

It turns out that the issue was elsewhere: Travis had not been granted permission to access the new elasticluster org on GitHub; once it had the correct permissions, CI job history appeared in the new location without further settings.

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