Github project that was previously on .org does not run at .com

Hi. I have the following repo: streamable-buffers - it is a node.js project.

This repo had previously used

Now that it is deprecated, I signed up to and marked this repo in settings to be integrated.

However, I don’t see any builds here when I push to master. I even deleted the .travis.yml file and made a very simplistic version of it.

What am I doing wrong?

Well, given that your project is open source I guess you are not forking out any money to Idera (the owners of Travis CI) and therefore are not going to any joy out of the outfit nowadays… Travis CI - Wikipedia

I am a coder for a FOSS project that used Travis for several years for Linux & MacOS CI - we switched to GitHub Actions after the :poop: storm that Travis stirred up around a year ago: .org -> .com migration unexpectedly comes with a plan change for OSS. What exactly is the new deal?