After migration the project is still built on both .com and .org

I have 2 projects that I recently migrated to .com, one with no problem ( and the other with problem (

The github notification shows two buttons, previously one was direct link to build and another to github actions with the same URL but now they are different and one also failed just now.

It seems like the project is being built on both domains:
One failed:
Same commit being built on .org but cancelled:
Both passed:
Same commit being built .org and passes:

Go to your list of projects at .org and disable integration for these.

If this doesn’t help or they are listed as “TRAVIS-CI.COM”, also go to their Github settings and delete any Travis-related webhooks and disable the “continuous integration/travis-ci/push” status check in branch protection rules.

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It wasn’t listed as “ TRAVIS-CI.COM ”, but disabling it worked. Thanks.
The webhook showed up as inactive itself. Is it safe to delete it?

Yes, it’s safe to delete it.

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