Travis-ci not connecting to github

I created a new repository on github but it doesn’t appear on my settings list:

On github page for the integration with Travis-CI says that it has been used “within the last 3 weeks”, but even after syncing right now I can’t see the repo created a couple of days ago.

I have connected my github account with and I can see there the new repository. For the moment would like to keep working with Is there a way to add this repository to


You cannot use GitHub Apps on

Sorry BanzaiMan but I don’t understand your answer. How can I make that my new repo appears on the options to trigger a build in as they used to appear?

Did you sync data?

As you can see on the image I posted on the first post I laredy pressed the button.

I have sync the account several times bettween the creation of the repo and now.

So, now I have the BOE repository on the travis .com domain. Did you set up something @BanzaiMan?

I did not. The repo was there ( when I first looked at this issue. This repository should have been set up when you first enabled GitHub Apps and allowed our app to access the data.