Do purchased or granted credits expire?

@Montana And also, please, could you clarify if the credits purchased, or credits received as a grant from Travis to OSS, can at some point expire (e.g. sponsors prepay expected load for 3 years, but won’t we see them disappear after one year?) Is there any inflation anticipated (10 credits per Linux minute today… what would it be in a year?)

And as many posts and screenshots and tooltips keep confusing us about, if a project or user account clicks to accept the Free Mode - is it a one-time deal to expire the 10000 credits and cease CI for a project, or is this a monthly replenishable allowance? For smaller projects, that might actually suffice, barely…

Hey @jimklimov,

Travis credits do not expire at all, if you purchase them they will last forever until you actually consume them. Suppose you bought ~500,000 credits, these do not have any expiry. You can consume them in 1 month, 1 year, 6 years or even 10 years.

I hope this clears things up a bit.

Hello again, can you please clarify how an OSS project without external sponsorship, legal body or a “common pot” of money, is supposed to move forward with Travis CI?

I’ve tried e-mailing support asking for OSS allotment of credits as suggested in earlier posts, several times, but never got a response – not even a “canned” one like mentioned in .org -> .com migration unexpectedly comes with a plan change for OSS. What exactly is the new deal? for example.

I’ve also tried switching a Github organization account, as well as some team member accounts, into the offering, and they just depleted some or all of their 10000 original credits into OSS CI builds and those never replenished “automagically”. While they did not exactly expire - they were used to run jobs - the OSS builds can not proceed any more.

I suppose, a never-ending free daily allotment might be reasonable for smaller projects doing a few build-hours per day while allowing a fair-usage policy for the overall commercial+freebie population, and perhaps then lagging in the end of queue at the lowest priority for the rest of the day – I suppose that is what people on forums would understand as a “free tier” wording, similar to cell service FUP when you get slow but non-zero mobile internet service after your payment for fast one runs out. I think this is a common point of misunderstanding about change of service, often stated in the forums - that Travis meaning of “free tier” seems to differ from how everyone else understands these words. As well as “tier” being a sort of a layer in the overall offer - something that is always there, maybe deep low in priorities, but not something that disappears after certain amount of use.

So at the moment I can not ask (as in a two-way dialog) to get the OSS credits from Travis, I currently cannot get someone to pay real money for that, and while the Travis docs including and this week’s keep stating words like “Open source accounts, as always, will be completely free under” the reality is that our and many others’ FOSS CI builds hit a wall, stop and never continue.

How should I practically proceed to keep building the free software for free, (re-)starting today or tomorrow? Can this happen with Travis or must we look for greener pastures elsewhere?

Thanks in advance,
Jim Klimov