Windows build specified in matrix--being ignored and a default linux build is running instead

I have a simple build matrix that I’ve been using to attempt a windows build as I iron out the process for some more complex builds. It looks like this:

  - os: windows
    env: BUILD_NAME=windows_test

This has been working fine for over a week. Today, it suddenly reverts to building just a linux build. The website says that there is a warning: No os: at the root level, so it defaults to linux.

I reconfigured the build so that os: windows was at the root level instead and removed the matrix: block. In that case, the build config validates and the os in the processed job spec is listed as windows, but it STILL builds under linux.

Anything specific I should be looking for here?

EDIT: I checked back through the build config that was successfully attempting a windows build yesterday, and other than one option I changed in the build script for cmake, there were no other changes. It produced the same configuration validation warnings about no os: at the root level, but yet it correctly started a windows build environment. Now, I can’t seem to get it to start a windows build environment no matter what I do to the config.

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Thank you!