Build is stuck when `language` is set to `minimal`

If you set language to something that Windows build does not support, the build appears to be stuck in “booting” status, and never starts. Example:

It would be nice to get error message, and fail the build if “language” is not supported.

I had it set to “minimal”, because that’s what I use in other matrix entries for linux/macOS. It took me a while to figure out that only shell/sh is supported (as described in docs). Example of successful build:

language: minimal should be supported, and the job routed to the shell image. We should fix that. If the language value is set to an unsupported value, it should boot, but bail immediately.

Well then either documentation is wrong:
Or there is some other bug when launching windows build.

Similar problem with language: generic: build stuck at booting for hours now.

EDIT: Forgot to include link to my build:

The same issue here: with language: generic. Build is in the waiting state for more than 24h!

Changing language to cpp didn’t help: Builds don’t start…

@StrikerRUS that is probably different issue. Your build is macOS one, but we are talking about Windows builds here (see the forum category).

@mmozeiko Yeah, you are probably right!
Sorry, I didn’t noticed the forum subcategory - found it at the main page.