An "Operating system not supported" suddenly appears

I suddenly just started getting "Operating system not supported: " errors when trying to test my Julia project in Windows.

I’ve made no relevant changes to .travis.yml and it was working fine last night, e.g.,

What’s going on?


FWIW, I have a similar issue: A windows build I have been testing suddenly started building only under linux today, but it was starting a windows build environment as of yesterday evening.

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Came here because I’m having the same issue. Two builds with the same .travis.yml started a day or so apart suddenly forgot about Windows.

The only difference I notice is that the failing one has this weird api box on the view config screen, and that the "dist": "bionic" line in the build config has moved. Maybe a botched or premature update?

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This seems fixed now…?

Sorry for the troubles. There was an issue with the default-value injection scheme that broke Windows builds for a little while. This has been rectified.

Thanks for reporting!

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Awesome. Thank you!