Travis CI Web UI: browser back button won't let you leave


I hope this is the right category to raise this in - I did look but was not 100% sure as I didn’t find any other general UI issues.

When going to check a build error from GitHub it’s fine to go look at the details but when I use the browser’s back button to get back to earlier pages on GitHub it won’t let me leave. The earliest page I can get to is the first one I reached on Travis and then back simply keeps me on the page. I know it isn’t due to having opened the GitHub link in a new tab and the history is there if I long press on the back button on the desktop, but this option isn’t possible on mobile (without manually navigating to browser history).

In mobile and desktop scenarios, I use the latest released versions of Chrome.

Firstly, does anyone else observe this? I’m thinking it’s not likely to be just me, but I should keep an open mind! I’m pretty sure it’s not a “feature” :slightly_smiling_face:

Secondly, how can I best raise this with the Travis team? - do they actively participate here (sorry, I’m new so unaware of quite how this forum works)

Many thanks!


I believe there’s a redirect there somewhere and your browser records this as two page visits. So when you go back, you are going back to the redirect page and being sent back to whatever the redirect points to.

To circumvent this, go back more than one page. E.g. FF has a right-click context menu on the Back button that allows you to go to any earlier page.

To say anything else, I’d need the exact reproduction steps 'cuz I don’t experience the problem that you are describing.

Thanks for getting back. It does sound like you say with regard to the redirect.

Here’s how to reproduce it on Android in Chrome (which is the more inconvenient case, since there isn’t such a quick access to the recent history as you have on desktop in FF or Chrome).

  1. Go to this GitHub PR:

  2. Scroll down to the checks section, where it says “The Travis CI build failed” and click details

  3. This brings you to the Travis CI page, with a Build Jobs tab lower down with two build jobs listed (one succeeded the other failed)

  4. Click on either one of the jobs. On mobile this takes you to the job with a button “View log” at the bottom, but no further action is needed to trigger the issue now.

  5. Navigate back in your browser. It lets you go back to the initial page you arrived on it Travis (ie from 3 where the Build Jobs tab was visible) but if you navigate back again you get no further back.

I realise there are ways around it and it’s hardly a disaster but it’s inconvenient for something that certainly appears to be breaking back button behaviour for me.

Let me know if any more detail would help (I can confirm Chrome versions if needed).

I see. There’s a redirect from to which is a reasonable thing to do and fixed an existing problem (before this, ppl actually posted URLs with utm_ parameters, skewing the stats).

AFAICS, the extra history entry can be averted if using window.history.replaceState() instead of pushState(). Can’t find the logic responsible for this in so can’t suggest a PR now.

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The issue still persists.
Are there any plans to fix this in the near future?

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This is extremely annoying and really must be fixed.


The redirect from github to travis is still broken and doesn’t allow the back button in the browser to return to github. Is someone going to fix this?