Lost visibility of organisational repo

On my Travis.org dashboard and sidebar, I don’t see organisational projects any more (e.g. boxbackup), only my own:

I can still access and control builds at https://travis-ci.org/boxbackup/boxbackup, but I have to type the URL by hand as I can’t find a link to it anywhere. Any ideas why not?

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Same here! Also, the rerun job/build buttons have disappeared for organisational repos, which is a real problem for me.

It seems it was solved for me.

A lot of this is happening nowadays…

  1. Log out from Travis
  2. Delete cookies for travis-ci.com and travis-ci.org
  3. Delete web history for travis-ci.com and travis-ci.org
  4. Visit travis-ci.org, and log back into Travis

Step (3) will stop the browser from auto-completeing to the wrong site.

Step (4) will take you back to the travis site where you have full control of things.

As a FOSS developer your account is with travis-ci.org. But the Travis site conflates travis-ci.org with travis-ci.com, and you get sent to the wrong site (travis-ci.com) on occasion which shows up in history. Since it is in history, you begin auto-completing to the wrong site using the browser. It is like a disease once it takes hold.

As a FOSS developer you should avoid the travis-ci.com site like the plague or corona virus.