Github Organizations Gone

The organization I work with has been using for over two years now. We have never had any issues running or accessing our builds.

Then two days ago, out of nowhere, I am no longer able to access the build. I have searched all over the internet and the only suggestion I see is “logout/login” or “clear your cookies.”

  • I have logged out and back in multiple times, in many different browsers on two different computers now.
  • I have tried removing all cookies, cache and data from my browsers
  • I have tried incognito mode
  • I have tried removing the application from my github profile and re-authenticating with it.
  • I have tried re-synching my organizations in Travis.
  • I have tried changing my visibility with the organization to public

I’m both frustrated and confused at this issue. I have not been able to use Travis for days now. Can anyone offer any guidance or suggestions or support on this?