Job restart button are not always appearing on build page

The job restart buttons do not appear to the right of jobs in a build list when a link is followed from the details link at GitHub. The build restart does appear, and if a job is examined there is a job restart button there, which when clicked makes all the job restart buttons now appear on the build page.

(Travis CI Support asked me to follow up here on my ticket #12325 “Missing restart/cancel icons in build view”.)

I believe kortschak and I reported the same issue, and yes, the issue still persists.

As a bit of curiosity, I’d like to note one particular case about a week ago, when some of the jobs had a restart/cancel button, while others didn’t.


I have the same issue. I suddenly cannot see a “Restart build” option in the TravisCI web interface any longer:

Is there any workaround for now?

Hi all,

I believe a fix has been deployed to address this. Please let us know if this issue persists and we’ll investigate further.

The issue still persists for me today (Friday, November 22).

I haven’t noticed any missing restart/cancel buttons in the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately a build to deploy my artifact failed but also cannot be restarted due to a missing Restart button:

I am not aware of any credential changes that could influence this and I just re-synced with my Github account just to be sure; that also did not change anything.

I had the same problem today. Singed out and in again. Now I see the restart button again.

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The restart button is showing on my personal projects but not under the ones below the github organisation.