Travis build stuck on "Trying to build"

My open source project can’t seem to build. I have pushed commits and tried triggering a new build using the new Beta feature on travis-ci. The build is stuck on “Trying to build”

Any ideas what may be happening?

Little history (not sure if this matters): I pushed a commit to master and then shortly after run a git commit amend --no-edit && git push --force. Not sure if that is what got it stuck. Since then I tried to trigger the build via travis-ci.

Link to build:

It eventually starting building around 01:00 EST last night. Is there rate limiting or something going on here? I see it happening to other builds of mine. It holds up releases since I release the npm version inside the travis build.

Travis CI are going to shut down by the end of the year, all projects need to migrate over to They’ve been moving resources over, hence the slow builds on .org.

However, on .com there’s a new pricing model. You’ll get a certain number of credits to begin with. When they run out, you can either pay to subscribe, or contact support to apply for their new open source plan.

However, there are huge delays in support replying, if ever, and when they do they say they’re waiting for approval from management, or someone recently was told that things are on hold pending more info from management.

I ran out of credits so couldn’t build anything for two weeks. Support then gave me a one-off top-up of 50k credits whilst still awaiting approval from management. I’ve not heard anything in 9 days.

The new pricing model was launched with no notice, meaning some projects that had already migrated no longer have the choice of very slow builds on .org, or no builds on .com.

The mixed messaging and especially lack of communication, coupled with builds stopping altogether, means many open-source projects are moving to other CI providers, such as GitHub Actions.

Ah man, that is sad. Having to wait potentially days for builds to run kills release timeframes and most all of my open source projects are using I guess I will have to look into migrating to GitHub Actions. If anyone has some working examples setup for node/npm open source projects, I’d love to check them out!

Here’s a well-commented example I found:

Another short one:

Lots more here:

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