Build stuck in queue

My build is getting stuck in “queued”. I checked similar questions on the forum, and most had to do with the organization actually being so big they were really just simply waiting their turn. This repo is the only one on my personal GitHub that I’m using Travis-CI with, and the only instances where I’m using Travis with is one-two apps in an organization that I’m a member of, but neither of them should be building right now.

I copied the code to run Travis from a working build, so there’s a chance I missed a dependency I had on the other project, but the guy I’m coding with looked over the init and said it looked good.

My project is a very simple node typescript boilerplate, nothing but an app file with a single test checking that when I mount App the text of the component matches “Hello, World!” so this isn’t a crazy large build to process or anything.

I’m very new to Travis-CI so I apologize if I’ve missed something basic, but I’m very confused why my simple app is failing to queue when I have no other builds that should be ahead of it. Thanks for any and all help!


Here’s a FAQ to clear things up and to reiterate we’re in the process of migrating projects from to - you can find out more about how this might affect your builds here:

Gotcha, thanks so much for the response! It actually did just pass after – I don’t even remember how many hours, probably less than two. But hey, as long as I know it will work eventually and it’s because of your improving the product, I have no complaints. :grinning:

Well… I thought still a bit if its improving the product to be honest. Most likely they want to have subscriptions, also for FOSS developers.

I would go to GitHub Actions or use GitLab instead.

When will GitHub switch to Will it actually be great again in 2021?