Since migrating to, new commits do not trigger any build

I migrated all my repositories from to before closes, and I can see the history of all my previous builds.

However, new commits will not trigger any new builds. I only tested commits on the develop branch. I didn’t change my .travis.yml config though so I expect it to still work, as I’m not excluding that branch.


  1. Go to Commits · hsandt/sonic-pico8 · GitHub and notice the recent commits, including June 9 and 10
  2. Go to Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence and notice no new builds since June 8

I’ve just noticed there’s also a help form on Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence. I’ll still start this thread in case it can help other users with a similar issue, then if no solution is found here I will post a help form directly to the engineering team.