SOLVED: Error: We couldn't find the owner

I’m trying to setup travis-ci for my open source (public repository on github but getting strange Error:

We couldn’t find the owner


I have few other projects which I have setup few month ago and they work fine without any problem. But this one doesn’t want.
How could I fix it?

Have you registered any repository under this organization on

no, I can’t and it’s quite fresh. but I’ve registered many other under other orgs.
I’ve created it by my self, there are no any other developer I’m only owner of it and it is public and open.

as well I can’t open it this way - I’m getting error:

We couldn’t find the organization

but it is here, public and exist:

in the same time I can open other organizations, where I’m owner, for example

ok, I have found what is the problem, I can allow access for TravisCI by turning off option:

Third-party application access policy is restricted

But I’d like to work with ‘Third-party application access policy is restricted,’ and my other organizations have this option turned on and works fine. as well I don’t have any specific settings for app of organizations there.

Oh, I have just forgot to give Organization access :frowning: