Problems with repository

It seems to me that the Travis has problem to cooperate with the repository. It is asking this repo to download the pom for dependencies which in fact are not stored there. This takes very long time for each request and the result is that the build failed. This could be the problem but the Travis should overcame it. It seems to me that the Travis does not react properly on the respose the returns. The problem you can see in the

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When reporting problems, please consider including:

  1. What you are trying to achieve
  2. What you have tried (probably a link to the configuration)
  3. What happened instead (often, pointing to a build log URL, in the form of would be helpful).
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In the mean time the owner of the UniversalMediaServer made some tests and changed the travis.yml. There are still configuration like this which have a problem with the repository. See the warnings about Connection timed out. The job takes long time to finish. Is there any setting to overcame it?