Possible widespread Travis outage?

We have reason to suspect that Travis is currently suffering from an unreported service degradation.

  • We are observing that some builds do not terminate well past their standard runtime.
  • We are having trouble triggering new builds.
  • We are noticing several other users reporting similar issues on Twitter.
  • We do not see any status updates on traviscistatus.com.

Please advise. Thank you.


Member of the same org here :wave:
Fortunately, Travis seems to have recovered and we are able to run builds as normal.
Still no word from Travis unfortunately.

+1 “We are having trouble triggering new builds.”

Not sure if this is still the case, but it happened to us at least twice today.

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I wanted to add my voice in here as well.

A couple pull requests from today have not triggered a build at all. When I go to manually try and trigger a build, I cannot locate the PR branch in the list of selectable branches.

+1 we are also noticing that recent PRs (in the last hour or so) are not triggering a build. This is causing misleading green check marks on PRs that haven’t run any tests

We are noticing at least a 30 minute delay between a PR commit and it actually being queued and triggering a build in Travis CI.

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Looks like the status page got an update finally. I can confirm it seems builds are delayed. One of my PRs finally started after an hour.