.org --> .com | How to move now without waiting for beta migration?

We used travis-ci.org for a long time, and are looking to move off of the GitHub Services methodology and on to the newer GitHub Apps methodology used by travis-ci.com.

I understand I can wait to get approved for the beta, and then migrate the repo, but the history of the builds (and whatever else) is something I am more than willing to lose. We removed the service and webhooks from the GitHub repository’s settings, expecting to be able to simply add it like a new repository travis had never seen before. However, while all our other repositories were available, the “openscope” repository I’m looking to move was not in the list of github apps repositories-- because it was still in the “Migrate” tab (see screenshot).

What do I need to do to fully remove that repository from travis, so it can “rediscover” it, and we can start fresh on the new travis-ci.com setup?

Only a day thereafter, I was approved for the beta and able to migrate easily. So I guess I don’t need an answer anymore, though the next person reading this would probably appreciate one.

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