Build not starting

Since this morning, Travis CI results do not seem to be properly reported to GitHub any more. At least, in this PR I fail to get any answer from Travis. Sometimes the tests are run on the branch and sometimes not, but each time the test results are not properly reported back. is green, so Travis monitoring seems to be blind to this problem, too.

EDIT: the “retries” each trigger a new build on the “auto” branch, see Not all of them happen though, and some just stay yellow.


Same problem for us.
Github reports “Expected — Waiting for status to be reported” on the pull request, in the list /pull_requests the builds are received but don’t start.

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Same problem here.
Pushing a new commit did not trigger a Travis build. Even trying to trigger a build manually does not seem to work.

Same here.

The reporting on the dashboard is late: one of my task was running for a 30 mins, Travis was reporting “task is not started yet” and then, out of the blue, “task has been running for 32 mins”

Travis is also very slow handling job actions: cancel / restart / etc.

Looks like they’re aware of it now:

The issue seems fixed – my PR is working, and the status page is also green again.

Sorry about the issue, everyone. I think we’ve resolved the last bit of troubles, so a new push now should trigger a build on .com.

Let us know if you still encounter the problem.

Thank you for your report and patience!

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I’m still seeing this problem for my pull requests. GitHub expects Travis CI to report a status on the PR, and I can see Travis completes a run for my PR, but GitHub acts as though it never received the “success” status. is the latest one that failed to report to my PR.

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I too am still seeing this issue. website shows successful jobs for a commit, but they’re not listed at

Here, too, this build is done for 11 hours now, but the commit doesn’t have the travis status reported still.

In general, the failure to report commit status is a different issue from this one. This one is about builds not starting after a commit is pushed to GitHub.

Often the commit status failure can be attributed to: not having the right token, GitHub API rate limiting, too many commit status on a commit-context combination, etc.

FWIW for now everything seems back in order here.

@BanzaiMan Hello, I have similar problem for

The build triggered and done ok

But github “Waiting for status to be reported”

As I said previously, this is not the same issue as the one discussed here. “Waiting for status to be reported” is different, and we are looking into it.

I’ve edited the topic to remove the ambiguity.


Are there plans to update with the “waiting for status to be reported” issue?

Well, not at the moment…

I may have spotted the issue and deployed a potential fix for that, and I’m monitoring the situation. Do you have a commit that doesn’t get any update in the last 20 minutes or so (since around Mar 25 18:31:04 UTC)?

Nothing within the last half hour, but this one should complete soonish so I can monitor its status: &

I might have spoken too soon. We’ll open an issue.

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Why Travis talks about legacy service integration for, when migration to new apps infrastructure requires signing on to beta.

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I’m not keen using beta features for my CI needs.