Travis-CI build status doesn't show up anymore in pull requests

Lately, Travis-CI doesn’t report the build status for pull-requests for my project, anymore.

Latest example:

I first thought that the pull-requests don’t trigger builds, but that isn’t the case. They do:

That means for the above example, the pull-request has triggered Travis-CI jobs but the result doesn’t show up in Github.

Do I need to check some configuration for this work?

Any ideas?


FWIW, the above mentioned example fixed itself after the contributor pushed some updates to that pull request. Meaning that with the last update the Travis build status was properly communicated back.

Let’s hope that future pull-request again show the expected behavior.

Duplicate of

@native-api - this isn’t a duplicate. There are several differences in the problem description and resolution:

First, my repository always was on The linked post explicitly just talks about repositories.

Second, I didn’t see anything similar to what is described in that post and what is depicted in the screenshot.

I mean, in my repository the pull-request just looked like in a repository without any Travis-CI integration. No “some checks haven’t completed yet”, no travis-ci icon, nada.

Finally, for the pull-request (I’ve linked in my original posting) the problem fixed ‘itself’. I didn’t change any branch nor repository settings.

I’ve also started to get this error recently (in the past week), example:

Similar to you, the build has run and passed but the PR can’t get the status. Sometimes pushing an update to the branch can fix it.

Also seeing this. Also not a duplicate. Branch protection settings require status checks to pass before merging using continuous-integration/travis-ci.

This is an occasional failure. Example, where the push build has passed and notified, but the pr build has passed but not notified.

Not sure if this is the same:

I’ve tried resyncing my data, pushing new commits, and creating a new PR. Nothing seems to fix this.

Yes, it happened again in a repository of mine with another recent pull-request:

I now have reset the travis oauth authorization as described in this post: Travis UI does not link a build to correct commit on GitHub PR

Let’s see if this fixes the issue for future pull requests in a reliable way.