Build status is not updating in GitHub

For example, passed, but has not received the build result.

The same problem happened for all the builds today.

Is there some problem with either Travis or GitHub today?

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I tried making PR from a branch inside the vobject repo. That also passed Travis CI but the status on GitHub has not been reported.

Looks like a duplicate of

Also note

The CI status got updated now -

It took “a long time” ™

We’re also experiencing this issue, where tests show as green on but the status indicator on github is still showing as pending (support email sent separately).

My first thought is that maybe it’s a repeat of the April api limit issue linked to above, but the status page reports no github problems so perhaps not?

Browsing these forums it seems like there might be a few concurrent problems going on – e.g. build queues.

It is (currently) unclear to me whether the queuing is part of this though (given that builds have run / completed, just not updated on github).