Beta migration to Repo list incorrect

I’ve activated the beta migration from to but not all my repositories are visible in the list. I can visit them by url though ( for example does not show up in my repo list).

Also if I switch between my personal repo’s and an organization’s repo and switch back, I have to refresh the page to see my personal repo’s again

Sorry, when I visit those “missing” repo’s it seems like they aren’t properly migrated because I see an animation of a hammer and a note:

You can now have all your public and private repositories together at

with a disabled button that says:

Sign up for the beta

While I’ve already done that and given it access to all repositories multiple times. doesn’t seem to be public (either private, in which case it was not on, or doesn’t exist).

Sorry, that’s my bad, it’s

Ok so the problem was that this belonged to a different organisation, and that I had to execute the 2nd part of the migration, namely to go to the Migrate tab on and to select the repository there.

The switching tabs problem persists.