Builds from GH Orgs I am part of no longer listed on overview

My Travis CI (org) account used to show all builds from both my repositories, as well as the various orgs I contribute too, or am part of. Is that intentional? As the image shows, two runs (from commits I just made in RcppCore) were triggered as expected, but they don’t show up on the left where the newest entry is from a personal (open source, public) repo last changed days ago.

Is this on purpose and related to a .org -> .com migration? Did I miss any announcements?

And I just checked it is the same

  • on the same computer using a different browser (and a fresh login to Travis / GitHub)
  • on another computer using the same browser

In essence, many if not most of my builds have gone missing.

Looks like this just got fixed – thank you to whoever cleared the bits in the backend.